Bespoke Stone Fireplaces and Hearths

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At AF Jones stonemasons, we have been making bespoke fireplaces for over 150 years. Our service is based on the flexibility of being able to supply any design, any size and in any material – the choice is entirely down to you.

Each fireplace is made on our premises at Ipsden by our masons to your specification and we offer a full measurement, manufacture and installation service or a simple supply only service if you prefer.

Some of our most popular fireplace designs and sizes are shown here – let them inspire and inform your decision process before making contact for your quote today via the form or contact detail on this page.

And if your requirement is for an entirely bespoke installation, contact us or call us on 01491 835032  Monday to Friday and we can help you define the perfect fireplace for your home.

The Cecil

The Cecil is a classic Tudor Fireplace. It is shown in Portland stone. It has classic simple lines and is the perfect compliment for any English home.

Size: 1420mm long x 230mm wide x 1210mm high

Stone: Portland (also available in Bath stone)

Lining: Welsh Black Slate

Hearth: Welsh Black Slate

The Rousseau

This fireplace is a modern interpretation of the classic bolection design. It is an imposing fireplace that can be used in traditional or contemporary homes. It is shown in a Portland stone.

Size: 1320mm long x 200mm wide x 1250mm high

Stone: Portland (also available in Bath stone)

Hearth: Portland (also available in Moleanos, Limra and Bath Stone)

The Babington

The Babington is a grand Elizabethan fireplace. It is the perfect centerpiece for any country home. It is shown here in bath stone with a bath stone hearth.

Size: 1960mm long x 200 mm wide x 1380mm high

Stone: Bath Stone (also available in Portland )

Hearth: Bath Stone

The Bolection

The Bolection is a classic Georgian fireplace design. It has historically been used in smart townhouses where the elegant shape provides a strong centre piece for a room. It is shown here in Bath Stone.

Size: 1400mm long x 230 mm wide x 1300mm high

Stone: Bath Stone (also available in Portland, Moleanos and Limra)

The Burlington

The Burlington is an ornate decorative fireplace. It has added detail around the legs and the mantle to give an added sense of grandeur.

Size: 1400mm long x 250mm wide x 1250mm high

Stone: Vratza (also available in Moleanos and Limra)

The Salisbury

The Salisbury is a clean and simple fireplace made to a Georgian Design. It has  clean lines and can be used in any scenario

Size: 1380mm long x 200mm wide x 1380mm high

Stone: Bath Stone ( also available in Portland )

Hearth: Bath Stone

Choose your own bespoke Fireplace 

If you already have a design prepared or want to talk to one of our stonemasons about how to have a bespoke design cut for your fireplace,  call us on 01491 835032 Monday to Friday

Alternatively, contact us via the form here with details of what you require. There is also an option to upload drawings and images of the type of fireplace or design you want to discuss.

Bespoke Hearth Design and Installation

Every hearth is different and when completed in natural stone it can be a practical and beautiful finish to the fireplace in your home. At AF Jones Stone Interiors we pride ourselves in offering a full templating and measuring service for our clients – simply call us to book in a fully qualified stonemason to visit and measure-up.

If you’re unsure what will suit your home we can also help you select the best natural stone to fit your fireplace.

If you want to template the hearth yourself we can also advise on best practice for this, ensuring you get the right fit for your hearth before installation.

Whichever route you decide to take, contact us here or call 01491 835032 Monday-Friday to speak to one of our experts.

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If you have a design for a stone fireplace or hearth, you’ve seen one here you’d like to know more about, or you simply require the right guidance from an expert team, make contact here and we can help bring your stone fireplace project to life.



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