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A guide to the cost of a kitchen worktop

Jun 10, 2021

There are several elements in the choice of kitchen worktop which have a significant effect on the cost. The key factors are listed here below:

– Choice of material
The most common choices for a kitchen worktop are quartz or granite. Quartz is manufactured by a wide range of companies. There are established brand names such as Caesar stone and Cosentina. These companies offer a wide range of colours and extended warranties. However, their slab prices tend to be 2 – 3 times the cost of a less well known brand.
Therefore if you are less concerned with a specific look and prepared to be a little flexible on certain colour and looking for a more cost-effective top the best solution can be to look for a less well known brand such as okite, cq or nile trading. These quartz tops do not offer the same warranty as some of the well known brands but will be a lot more cost effective

There is a wide range of granite which is stocked in the UK. The vast majority of stock granite will be within a similar price range. Granite does become more expensive if a specific finish or colour is required and it needs to be imported. This can make the slab 3 – 4 times the price of a stock version

– Edge Detail
The most cost-effective for a worktop is a chamfer edge. This can be done by machine and is a simple process. The next step up in cost is a pencil edge. Beyond this a bullnose is more expensive than a pencil. Bespoke edges are possible however they will be on a price on application basis

Finishing Details
There are other factors to consider which can have an effect on cost:

( a ) Drainer Grooves
Drainer Grooves have to be carved into the face of the top and will add cost to the worktop

( b ) Curved corners
Curved corners have to be machined in a separate process when cutting a top. This is an additional process which adds to the cost of a worktop.

( c ) Sink Cut outs
A sink can either be overhung ( ie it sits on top of the worktop ) or underslung ( ie it sits underneath the worktop ). If a sink is underslung we have to polish the inside of the cut out which adds to the cost