Bespoke Luxury Stone Fireplaces & Hearths

Made to measure, expertly fitted

Understanding and expertise in natural stone fireplaces cannot be matched elsewhere. With 160 years of experience, we have a diverse portfolio of timeless fireplaces and the skill and ability to deliver to exact requirements and specifications.

Each fireplace is manufactured and hand finished at our Ipsden workshops before being installed by our specialist masons who combine modern best practices with traditional stonework skills.

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Working with you to create your fireplace, whether of classic or contemporary design.

Whether you are looking for a classic design or a bespoke contemporary creation, we work with you to understand your vision, and establish style, geometry, detailing & stone selection with price guidance to meet and exceed your expectations.

We have a number of popular designs. Please get in touch to discuss your preferences, and if possible come and visit our showroom at OX10 6AF.

Stone Materials for Fireplaces & Hearths

Our most popular designs of fireplace surrounds adopt English Limestones such as Bath, Portland, Clipsham or Cadeby. Continental limestone selections are also possible.

Hearth material options are influenced by the fire type to be used, and your visual preferences and also with an eye on practicality and maintenance. Various colours, grain textures and finishes are possible. The most popular selections are in granite, slate and fine-grained limestones.

Fire surround ‘slips’ are also important for natural open fires to create air-flow and visual framing. Many further options are possible for these components.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bespoke Luxury Stone Fireplaces & Hearths


  1. What considerations should I have in mind when selecting stone for a high-end bespoke fireplace? When choosing stone for a luxury fireplace, consider the material’s durability, heat resistance, and maintenance needs. The aesthetic alignment with your interior design theme, whether classic or contemporary, also plays a critical role. Discussing these factors with a stone specialist can guide you towards making an informed decision that complements your space elegantly.
  2. How can I ensure my bespoke fireplace design aligns with contemporary interior trends? Staying abreast of current trends while ensuring timeless appeal involves balancing modern design elements with classic stone materials. Consulting with a stonemasonry expert who is knowledgeable about both current trends and traditional craftsmanship can help create a fireplace that is both on trend and enduring.
  3. What are the benefits of choosing English Limestone over other materials for my fireplace surround? English Limestone is renowned for its natural beauty, versatility in design, and durability. Its unique texture and colour variations can add depth and character to your fireplace, making it a focal point in any room. Additionally, its heat-resistant properties and ease of maintenance make it a practical choice for both open fires and modern heating solutions.
  4. Can a bespoke hearth be designed to accommodate specific fire types? Yes, the type of fire you plan to use (e.g., natural open fire, gas, electric) significantly influences the choice of hearth material due to variations in heat output and safety requirements. Specialists in bespoke stone hearths can advise on the best materials and designs to suit your specific fire type, ensuring functionality, safety, and aesthetic harmony.
  5. What steps should I take to begin the process of installing a custom stone fireplace in my home? Starting with a consultation with a stone specialist is key. This initial discussion should cover your design vision, the intended use of the fireplace, and any specific requirements you have. Visiting the AF Jones Stone Interiors’ showroom can offer inspiration and a tangible sense of the materials and craftsmanship available.
  6. How does the installation process work for a bespoke stone fireplace, and what timeframe should I expect? The installation process for a bespoke stone fireplace involves several stages, including precise templating, skilled manufacturing, and expert fitting by specialist masons. The timeframe can vary based on the complexity of the design and the availability of materials, but a stone specialist can provide a realistic schedule early in the consultation phase.