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At AF Jones Stone Interiors, we are not just contractors; we are custodians of your architectural vision, transforming designs from mere concepts into tangible masterpieces. Our proficiency in navigating the geometric complexity and structural possibilities of natural stone sets us apart, ensuring each project we undertake is not only a reflection of innovative design but also embodies commercial viability. With a prestigious portfolio that includes landmarks like Blenheim Palace, Hereford Road, and Ancaster House, our expertise in quantity surveying and structural engineering positions us as the preferred collaborator for architects aiming to bring their ideas to life.

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Oakwood, Buckinghamshire

Hereford Road, London

Boasting a rich heritage of 164 years in stonemasonry and natural stone craftsmanship, the core principles established by our founders continue to guide our projects today. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every facet of our work, from our meticulous attention to detail to our pioneering approach that drives the industry forward. Our technical and creative expertise are hallmarks of our approach, be that for a private client or working with the intricacies of a grade I listed building.

Our services span the full lifecycle of a project, ensuring fluidity and coherence from the initial brief development through concept design, detailed planning, and ultimately, project delivery. Our technical knowledge and artistic flair are not just our trademarks; they are a testament to our passion for the industry and our commitment to exceeding the expectations of the architects we collaborate with.

Collaborating with AF Jones Stone Interiors means engaging with a team that seamlessly integrates with other trades, crafts, and contractors, ensuring a harmonious execution through to completion and beyond into maintenance. Our ability to oversee a project’s entire span, coupled with our capability to address and adapt to the intricacies involved, ensures that each project not only achieves its intended aesthetic and functional goals but also stands as a benchmark of durability and style.

In choosing AF Jones Stone Interiors, architects gain more than a stonemasonry service; they gain a partner dedicated to breathing life into their visions, ensuring that each creation not only occupies physical space but also commands presence and admiration. Let us take your design from inception to completion, demonstrating why we remain leaders in the field of natural stone and stonemasonry, where innovation meets tradition in the pursuit of architectural excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does AF Jones Stone Interiors approach the integration of architectural vision with structural and geometric stone possibilities? AF Jones Stone Interiors excels in merging architectural creativity with the inherent structural and geometric potentials of natural stone. Our approach is to meticulously analyse the architect’s vision, applying precision cutting and innovative techniques to realise complex designs. This synergy ensures that every project we undertake not only meets but exceeds commercial and aesthetic expectations.
  2. What experience does AF Jones Stone Interiors have with historically significant or listed building projects? With a legacy spanning over 164 years, we have an extensive portfolio that includes working on grade I listed buildings and landmark projects like Blenheim Palace. Our depth of experience ensures a sensitive yet innovative approach to preservation and restoration, making us adept at navigating the unique challenges posed by historical structures.
  3. Can AF Jones Stone Interiors handle projects from inception to maintenance? Yes, our comprehensive service offering covers the entire lifecycle of a project—from brief development and concept design to detailed planning, execution, and post-completion maintenance. Our holistic approach ensures seamless integration with other trades and crafts, guaranteeing smooth project delivery and enduring quality.
  4. What sets AF Jones Stone Interiors apart in the field of natural stone and stonemasonry? Our distinguishing factors include a rich heritage of craftsmanship, a pioneering spirit that drives industry innovation, and an unwavering love for our work. These elements, combined with our technical expertise and creative capabilities, position us as leaders in the field, dedicated to transforming architectural visions into remarkable realities.
  5. How does AF Jones Stone Interiors ensure that a project aligns with both the architect’s vision and practical requirements? Through close collaboration with architects from the outset, we ensure that every design decision is informed by both aesthetic aspirations and practical considerations. Our technical team contributes valuable insights on material selection, structural integrity, and innovative solutions, ensuring that the final product is both visually stunning and functionally sound.

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