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As specialist stone masonry sub-contractors, we are experienced on some of the world’s most prestigious addresses in London and the South East of England.  From pre-construction, selection and specification of stone through to seamlessly integrating our teams across trades during a build, our stone fit-out capabilities and logistical co-ordination are second to none in detail and transparency. Delivered with discretion and confidentiality where necessary, AF Jones Stone Interiors ensure the original vision of the client and architect remains built into the final fit-out, with all of the hard-wearing elegance and unique detailing natural stone provides for any statement interior.

Early Engagement

At AF Jones Stone Interiors, we place the value of early engagement high on our list of priorities for our clients. Working on a Pre-Contract Agreement (PCA) basis enables our contractor clients to gain a full understanding of the project needs of a natural stone build as it progresses. This includes services such as surveys, mock-ups, design advice, stone selection guidance through to creating schedules of scope and logistics advice in the pre-construction period.

It is this ability to work hand in glove with our clients right from the start of a project that drives our success providing integrated natural stone builds for new-builds and renovations alike.

Value Engineering

Depending on project type, there may be significant value in considering options that may not have been considered by the design department. Whether advising on stone selection, assembly method or jointing options, our masons, quantity surveyors and structural engineers bring specialised insight and planning ability, taking the complexities of an architectural vision and turning it into a feasible and commercially viable natural stone build.

Opportunity rests in our knowledge of the fabric and structural properties of natural stone and how it can underpin the success of your project, so it is always worth consulting with us beyond the immediate needs of stone cutting and site-fitting.

Site Logistics Planning

With a background on larger projects, AF Jones Stone Interiors has the logistical expertise vital for smooth delivery and measured arrival of fit-out elements depending upon the nature of site and material availability. This includes advice and guidance ensuring our part of a project works smoothly alongside other trades and contractor colleagues. The overview here gives and insight into the build issues we take into consideration right from the start of any contractor engagement:

Deliveries – vehicle size, access and off-loading

Storage – Crate volume,  A-frames,  palletisation.  Staging and storage area required and on-site handling.

Distribution – Movement of panels, tiles and other assemblies: from point of drop off to point of fix.

Lifting –   Addressing specific requirements for heavy or bulky units. 

Sequencing – developing processes per-project for efficient installation and inter-trade co-ordination

Site cutting – Minimising the need for cutting on-site. Where necessary, careful consideration of cutting station location for optimum Health and Safety for equipment such as mini water-fed bridge site saws . 

Protection – Assessing requirements for temporary protection measures.

Health & Safety – on-going consideration of all risks and methods.

With each build offering its own unique issues, our experience as stone-contractors means we can address site logistics requirements ensuring all stone provision is carefully aligned with the overall project and we would always recommend bringing your site delivery concerns and idiosyncrasies to us at the earliest of stages.

Detailing and Interface Co-ordination

The design process normally covers most of the co-ordination points, but with the detail work our stonemasons and structural engineers are capable of bringing to a project even at a planning stage, we can pick up the finer requirements of inter-trade sequencing, tolerances required and finishing issues needed. This ranges from final detailing such as waterproofing and restraint fixings to onsite tolerance challenges.  In this way, AF Jones Interiors can be the difference between a good finish and an outstanding result as we are able to bring this onsite and practical experience to bear right across the span of a project – from planning to final delivery.

Trades Interfaces

We pride ourselves on being team players.  This means taking the time to understand the challenges and perspectives of all other trades and builders on each project. One of our first operational priorities is to meet the relevant specialists via the Construction Manager to ensure the smooth delivery process we can provide is fully bedded into the overall construction process.


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