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Elevating Natural Stone Projects to New Heights with AF Jones Stone Interiors


At AF Jones Stone Interiors, we distinguish ourselves as premier stone masonry subcontractors with a rich history of contributing to some of the most esteemed properties across London and the South East of England. Our expertise spans from the initial stages of pre-construction, through the meticulous selection and specification of stone, to the flawless integration of our skilled teams across various trades during construction. Our stone fit-out capabilities, combined with unparalleled logistical coordination, ensure that every project is executed with the utmost precision and transparency. Maintaining the integrity of the client’s and architect’s original vision, AF Jones Stone Interiors infuses every statement interior with the enduring elegance and distinctive detailing that only natural stone can provide.

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The Advantage of Early Engagement


Early engagement is a cornerstone of our philosophy, allowing us to work closely with our clients from the outset. By establishing a Pre-Contract Agreement (PCA), we offer comprehensive insights into the evolving needs of a natural stone project, covering everything from initial surveys and mock-ups to design advice and stone selection. This proactive collaboration lays the foundation for seamlessly integrated natural stone constructions, whether for new builds or renovations.


The Essence of Value Engineering


Our approach to value engineering is informed by a deep understanding of natural stone’s structural properties and the potential for innovative design solutions. Our team of masons, quantity surveyors, and structural engineers excels in transforming architectural visions into commercially viable realities, always considering alternative options that could enhance project outcomes.


Mastering Site Logistics


Our extensive experience with large-scale projects equips us with the logistical prowess essential for the smooth execution of stone fit-out elements. We provide expert advice to ensure seamless cooperation with other trades and contractors, addressing key logistical challenges such as deliveries, storage, distribution, lifting, sequencing, site cutting, protection, and health & safety with meticulous planning and foresight.


Detailing and Interface Coordination


Beyond the basics, our stonemasons and structural engineers bring invaluable expertise to the planning stage, ensuring every detail — from waterproofing and restraint fixings to tolerances and finishing issues — is considered. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a project not only meets but surpasses expectations, setting AF Jones Stone Interiors apart as leaders in the field.


Collaborating Across Trades


As committed team players, we prioritise understanding the needs and perspectives of all trades involved in a project. Our first step is always to engage with specialists through the Construction Manager, integrating our stone delivery process into the broader construction effort seamlessly.


Choosing AF Jones Stone Interiors means partnering with a team that respects the artistic and architectural intent while bringing unparalleled expertise in natural stone and stonemasonry. Our dedication to excellence and innovation ensures that each project we undertake is a harmonious blend of beauty, durability, and meticulous execution.

Frequently Asked Questions for High-End Natural Stone Projects


  1. What sets AF Jones Stone Interiors apart in the stone masonry industry? AF Jones Stone Interiors is distinguished by our extensive experience in prestigious properties, unparalleled stone fit-out capabilities, and meticulous attention to logistical coordination. Our commitment to maintaining the architect’s original vision, coupled with our ability to execute projects with unparalleled detail and discretion, positions us as leaders in the field.
  2. Why is early engagement crucial in natural stone projects? Engaging with us at the earliest possible stage ensures comprehensive project planning, from initial surveys and design consultations to stone selection and logistics planning. Early engagement facilitates seamless integration across trades, optimising project timelines and budgets.
  3. Can AF Jones Stone Interiors assist in value engineering for natural stone builds? Yes, our team of experts offers valuable insights into stone selection, assembly methods, and jointing options, transforming complex architectural visions into feasible, cost-effective natural stone constructions. Our deep knowledge of natural stone’s properties enables us to advise on enhancing project success and commercial viability.
  4. How does AF Jones Stone Interiors manage site logistics for smooth project delivery? With expertise in handling large-scale projects, we provide tailored logistics planning and guidance, ensuring seamless collaboration with other trades. Our logistical planning encompasses everything from delivery and storage to distribution and lifting, guaranteeing efficient installation and inter-trade coordination.
  5. What role does detailing and interface coordination play in your projects? Our ability to address detailed co-ordination points, from waterproofing to restraint fixings, allows us to ensure the highest quality finish. Our stonemasons and engineers bring precision to inter-trade sequencing and finishing, elevating the project outcome from good to outstanding.
  6. How does AF Jones Stone Interiors ensure teamwork and collaboration across trades? We prioritise understanding and addressing the challenges of all trades involved in a project. By establishing clear communication and coordination from the start, we ensure our comprehensive stone delivery services are integrated seamlessly with the broader construction goals.

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