Bespoke Natural Stone Staircases

Specialising in the design, templating, manufacture and installation of bespoke quality staircases

Whether cantilever stone, or stone clad staircases, we make all components from raw stone block at our Ipsden production workshops.

We work with you to select the right material, detail and draw, manufacture and build. We project manage the whole process to translate your vision into reality – simple.

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Whether your stone staircase will be clad or cantilever, AF Jones Interiors are experts in this field and have produced hundreds of staircases to draw inspriation and insight from. At the formative stages of a project, it is vital to make informed choices to achieve elegance and value.

For smaller projects templates or simple lazer survey may be used to confirm geometry, whereas for larger or complex projects we generate full 3D drawings and renderings for coordination, visualisation and ultimately in our manufacturing process.


One of our highly skilled and experienced managers will be dedicated to work with you throughout the entire project so that communication is clear and streamlined.

Our project managers have worked in the stone industry for years and have seen every scenario possible so that they are well positioned to provide ideas and solutions to turn your idea into reality.

They will also be able to coordinate with builders, interior designers and architects to seamlessly bridge the gap from drawing board to site logistics, with care and clarity.

Material Selection

Sourcing stone for clients since 1858 has allowed us to build close connections with all the major stone suppliers both in the UK and on the continent.

We assist clients with selecting the appropriate stone to create staircases that are not only visually stunning but also practical and durable.

Combining this with our capacity to produce and install any adjacent stone flooring, we can ensure a perfect match between the flooring and staircase.


Our stonemasons are highly skilled and experienced at installing bespoke staircases. Installation of cantilever staircases in particular demands a series of specialist techniques that we have mastered: in short, we make the challenging seem easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What considerations are crucial when selecting materials for a bespoke natural stone staircase? Choosing the right material involves assessing the aesthetic appeal, durability, and maintenance requirements of the stone. Limestone and marble are popular options, each offering unique characteristics. It’s essential to consider the environment the staircase will inhabit, including traffic levels and exposure to elements, to ensure the selected stone matches the project’s needs and longevity expectations.
  2. How does AF Jones Interiors approach the design and manufacture of bespoke stone staircases? The design process begins with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s vision. For smaller projects, templates or laser surveys may confirm geometry, while larger or more complex projects may require full 3D drawings and renderings. This approach ensures precision in manufacturing and allows clients to visualise their staircase before it’s built.
  3. Can you explain the importance of project management in the installation of bespoke natural stone staircases? Effective project management ensures clear and streamlined communication throughout the staircase’s design, manufacture, and installation process. Experienced managers coordinate with builders, interior designers, and architects to bridge the gap from concept to completion, offering solutions and ensuring the project adheres to the envisioned design and timeline.
  4. What specialist techniques are employed in the installation of cantilever stone staircases? Installing cantilever stone staircases requires specific expertise, including accurate templating, precise stone cutting, and secure anchoring within the structure. These staircases demand a high level of precision to ensure each step appears to float while being structurally sound and safe for use.
  5. How does AF Jones Interiors ensure a perfect match between stone staircases and adjacent flooring? With extensive experience and close connections to major stone suppliers, AF Jones Interiors assists clients in selecting the appropriate stone for both staircases and adjacent flooring. This ensures a visually cohesive and practical design throughout the space, enhancing both the staircase’s and the flooring’s aesthetic and functional harmony.
  6. What are bespoke cantilever staircases and how might they differ from traditional cantilever designs? Bespoke cantilever staircases are unique architectural features that challenge the conventional notion of cantilever structures. Unlike traditional cantilever designs which appear to extend without visible support, bespoke cantilever staircases do not strictly adhere to this principle. Instead, these staircases function more akin to an arch, utilising solid natural stone to create striking visual effects. By pushing the boundaries of design and engineering, bespoke cantilever staircases introduce new possibilities in terms of shape and size, surpassing what was once believed to be achievable in traditional designs.