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How to template a hearth and the best time to appoint a stonemason

Mar 3, 2023

Getting the right fit, the right stone and the right person to help design and install your hearth can be a tricky process if you haven’t done it before and on the whole, it’s not something people do that often. However, with the right advice, templating and support, preparing your home for a new hearth can be simple when you know how. If you decide it would be better for a qualified stonemason to template and your hearth before installation, this video will help you decide whether to template yourself or get professional help in.

Part One: How to template a hearth yourself

Part one covers the DIY choice and its benefits – and how AF Jones Stone Interiors can help you get that right, using the right hearth templating materials and walking with you as you take it step by step through the templating process.

Part Two : When to Appoint a Stonemason

Part Two covers appointing a stonemason and the inherent benefits of bringing in a qualified tradesman to do the job for you.

And if you are still not sure the best way to start setting up your fireplace and hearth fitting – from choosing the right stone through to measuring the fireplace and hearth – call one of our experts who will be able to talk you through the natural stone installation process:

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