Natural Stone Materials For Fireplaces

We can work with any natural stone to create your fireplace. We have worked with English limestones such as Bath Stone, Portland, and Cadeby throughout our history. We have also worked with other stones such as Moleanos, Vratza, Limra, and others as and when it has been requested by our clients. Contact us with your requirement today and we will be happy to assist further.

Fireplaces Design

We have expertise and understanding of natural stone fireplaces that cannot be matched. We have created a diverse portfolio of timeless fireplaces for a complete range of homes. Each fireplace is hand-finished in our Ipsden workshops and then installed by one of our specialist stonemasons using a mix of modern best-practice manufacturing and traditional stonework skills.

Many room situations accommodate our core range of designs. Where unique conditions exist, or a specific design is required, we are happy to provide a bespoke fireplace design.